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  • Duelle


    Jacques Rivette draws many story elements from film noir -- the femme fatale in a veil (The Big Sleep) looking for a lost love, the meeting at an aquarium (Lady from Shanghai), the Object of Great Desire (Kiss Me Deadly among others), the subway storage locker (Union Station). The urgent phone call from a doomed person is very noirish too, but I can't remember exactly where that was used.

    Rivette usually does more than tell a straight story. Here, on…

  • The Boss

    The Boss

    IL BOSS (1973) is the third and weakest installment of Fernando Di Leo's Italian crime Milieu Trilogy. The story of warring Mafiosos seems to be inspired by The Godfather. Unfortunately the film gets bogged down with a lack of focus and too many characters. Granted hitman Henry Silva attempts to solve the latter problem by killing most of them.

    To streamline the film, many scenes at the police station could have been cut. The scenes served little purpose and seemed…

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  • Warrendale


    I just watched Warrendale from 1967. I enjoy documentaries from this period, as the genre was really hitting it's stride.

    Director Allan King is a Canadian version of Frederick Wiseman in many ways, presenting an observational documentary for public television with "neutral" POV. Wiseman is probably more detached and less interested in constructing a single narrative than King.

    Warrendale reminded me of Wiseman's Primate and Titicut Follies though. Institutions in these docs have evolved to a point where uniformed observers…

  • The Dancing Hawk

    The Dancing Hawk

    Overlooked but worth finding! I'm a big fan of Zbigniew Rybczynski who did the cinematography. He transforms the basic story of a man's life into a barrage of experimentation.