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  • Placido


    Thought provoking stuff that comes with laughter experimenting the differences and struggles between the classes through the daily life in Mexico.Mexican cinema is love forever.....

  • The Long Absence

    The Long Absence

    Why am i this fortunate to get to watch these films ? The pure essence of yearning for the lost love in the france of 1960s.With a very good understanding of the social structure that keeps evolving, the film has a terrific exploration of the people and their feelings that’s caught in between.

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  • Labour of Love

    Labour of Love

    The beauty of silence,waiting and daily life’s excitements and struggles all wrapped in a light emotional breeze which becomes hard once it hits you and takes rapid uncontrollable growth inside the body and soul.The film’s concern is mainly about a relationship that’s distanced due to the political crisis of the country while rooting itself in the one of the best character explorations and camera works.The visual language is so sublime that one can immerse himself inside as long as he…

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking

    What more could i desire? A timeless gem crafted out of life.There will never be enough words to describe this very experience and even the reality looks pale in comparison to this film.