High Life ★★★★

Claire Denis' latest is lodged somewhere halfway between Ridley Scott's 1979 classic and Tarkovsky's 1972 rendering of the subliminal space concrete. It's a film about the commodification of humans - and human fluids - and the vaporous contours of human sexuality mirrored in the vaporous contours of the universe. Some of the performances don't *quite* stick the landing with some bizarrely flat delivery and Denis' exploration of human sexuality as a moral prison in a vast, amoral universe is a compelling if, at least on first viewing, a slightly under-baked one. But I'm curious to see how this holds up on repeat viewings; something, I suspect, will help to develop a more solid grasp on the material. And if nothing else, I at least won't be bothered by the cloud of fucking vape smoke illuminated by the brightest cellphone in the world wafting up from the idiot in front of me.