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  • Brightburn



    when you treat the film like a tv show pilot in order to create a franchise out of it that leaves the audience unsatisfied and bored!
    Brightburn is a nice story mixes evil superman idea with Stephen Hawking's Carrie style but it's empty inside, horrible acting and weak writing, the film failed to deliver the rich promising concept of an evil superman. the film isn't strong enough by itself and of course not strong enough to start a franchise or a universe as they hoped for it.

  • The Towering Inferno

    The Towering Inferno


    Probably the best realistic (not a monster or a Sci-Fi element) disaster film i have ever seen, the thing about disaster films that it's symbolism of judgement day and the idea of "every-man for himself", the blindness and deafness that comes with the disaster and the egoness of mankind. these concepts are represented in the film even though it's not the main concern. the story is gripping the scenes was surprisingly composed in a great way, it doesn't feel like…

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  • Velvet Buzzsaw

    Velvet Buzzsaw


    nice story, great cast... b-movies execution, there's major problems with the film considering the editing and the use of music. it feels like a music video, but that the normal feeling with most of Netflix movies! the story is gripping but superficial, the cast is great but the acting is mediocre! we only got to see John Malkovich for few scenes and i still don't understand why. the film needed more thrilling on the writing process, serious acting, better use of music and more depth in general!

  • Ophelia



    The beauty of the film lies in the music and the setting, the story is twisted in a superficial way but still trying to hang to it's origin charm. the dialogues are quite cheesy for such a tragedy. the optimistic fairy-tale atmosphere was misplaced. it is still a depressing and painful story lost it's way between being a powerful story of love and despair or empowering and hope!
    Thanks for Daisy Ridley powerful and solid performance, and the music and…