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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Even the references and crossovers were shit

    if you loved seeing Battleborn, DC Comics, and Halo in the background at every scene only this is the movie for you

  • Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real

    Dragons: A Fantasy Made Real


    I remember seeing it when I was a kid and thinking it was real, much like the recent Mermaid documentary from last year

    It was an interesting take on what if?... Dragons were real!

    Very fun to watch, and remember these are fake so don't be silly

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  • Ant-Man



    Ant-Man is the Iron-Man 1 of 2015, the music, the action it's just one word FUN

    it's funny as hell, the charecters are really lovable the power was portayed in a cool way and we got easter eggs to Ant-Man's lore it's just beautiful

    despite the development hell it's been in with Wright an(T) all and well Reed just did better by putting in things that help make the movie a staple in what Marvel is trying to do


  • Shark Tale

    Shark Tale


    Only person to enjoy this movie was me :c