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  • Hereditary



    Letterboxd Season Challenge 2018-19
    Week 14: "I've been meaning to get to it..."

    I am waaaaaaaaaay behind on the challenge, but I'm trying to catch up within the next weeks.

    So here comes "Hereditary":

    One reason why "Hereditary" works so well is that the horror is based on a family drama. It's the story of a family that is dealing with the loss of one of its family members and how this is turning everyday life upside down. Everyone in…

  • World War Z

    World War Z


    Wherever Brad Pitt goes, the shit hits the fan. First South Korea, then Jerusalem and then that airplane. By the time he arrives in Wales I was just waiting for the city to go up in flames.

    This is no zombie movie! This is World War Zzzzzz 😴!

    Was für 'n Scharcher!

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  • Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!

    Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!


    Letterboxd Season Challenge 2018-19
    Week 4: Masters of Trash

    Wow, what a movie! This was a pleasant surprise. My first Russ Meyer movie, I have to admit. Originally, I had planned to watch "Supervixens" instead of this one for this week's theme but then changed my mind because "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" was easier accessible. And what a wildly entertaining experience this has been! I have never seen more badass bitches in any 60s movie! (or any movie?) Especially liked the stunning camerwork and the fantastic framing of the picture. Phenomenal! And, of course, Tura Satana... What a woman! Highly recommended!

  • Inside Man

    Inside Man


    Letterboxd Season Challenge 2018-19
    Week 6: Lee, Lee, Lee, or Li

    I was going to say that Spike Lee's films have never appealed to me. Then I realized that I haven't even seen any of his movies. I don't remember ever watching a full movie from him. So this is then my first official Spike Lee joint. And what can I say, it just doesn't appeal to me. Apart from that it's technically solid, albeit full of plot holes. Peace!