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  • Farewell to Dream

    Farewell to Dream


    Though the premise is heartbreaking - a teenage boy has to say goodbye to all of his dreams and help his family - this film is quite beautiful to watch. The slower pace helps to envelope you into this family’s world... and the shot framing is beautiful to watch. The image of young Yoichi, staring out to sea through binoculars, looking for a future so far out of his reach will stay with me. A tender, exquisite film from a Japanese master.

  • Secrets of Women

    Secrets of Women


    An early, underrated Bergman film following four women, all sisters-in-law, as they wait for their husbands to return home. They tell each other stories from their marriages - of infidelity, unplanned pregnancy and getting stuck in an elevator. It’s that last story that stands out as the best, it’s so funny and surprising. Really nice to rediscover this anthology film and see the master director honing his craft.

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  • Stan & Ollie

    Stan & Ollie


    Feels right to kick off 2019 (and my resolution to use letterboxd) with a modern movie that looks to the past. My classic film loving heart was full of joy as Laurel & Hardy were brought back to life by the wonderful Coogan & Reilly. This film is both a celebration of the comedic duo’s friendship, and an honest look at the ups and downs of creative collaboration.

  • Sunset Boulevard

    Sunset Boulevard


    A re-watch to prepare to be a guest on an upcoming podcast episode. But watching this once again reminded me of just how well crafted it is. I love the insider film references, (like Erich von Stroheim playing the film he actually directed starring Gloria Swanson.) Plus the way it’s both a product of the time in which it was made (you can see how the studio system was starting to falter) and how it shows the way many silent…