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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

“main doosron ki tara safed kapre pehan ke, haath joor ke, tamasha dekhne wala na hua, bal. kaale kapre pehan ke us bithia ke naak me dam karne wala thehra.” that dialogue really blew me away wasn’t even anything spectacular but that scene and that moment was perfect.

the first half was really weak, but it picked up in the second half and BOI, did it pick up. the symbolism when s.k. baptises himself in the ganges to show his rebirth????? when he finds out sundar committed suicide and that look of pure pain on his face???? every courtroom scene (albeit there were some small pieces of dialogue that were completely unnecessary)?? this movie was 100% shahid’s and he brought his a game.

the general topic of the movie really touched me, honestly- as someone who grew up halfway in pakistan, where even the capital has load shedding, it was a delight to see this play out on the silver screen.

i also really loved that they made the actors learn kumaoni, which isn’t really something you see that often. usually, no matter where the characters are from, they’re speaking standard hindi. so an extra star for that.

i watched this just in time for the filmfare awards and i really hope shahid at least gets a nomination for this .