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  • Animals



    “I’m not a writer... I’m a tinkerer”

    “Do you think I’ve failed?” 

    Oof. Parts of this really hit hard for me, and I really loved the music and sound here, there are some lovely dreamy shots and I just really felt the atmosphere. It follows an aspiring writer who’s been writing her book for ten years, letting life and love and alcohol get in the way. It kinda brought into focus the fact that I don’t wanna end up like…

  • Don't Look Now

    Don't Look Now


    This film is haunting and hypnotic and great but honestly all I could think about for the duration of the opening sequence was how awkward the foley sound was, honestly it was so super detached and obvious and my brain wouldn’t shut up about it so now you have to listen to me complaining too

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  • It



    Quick disclaimer, I have not read Stephen King's mammoth novel nor watched the first film adaptation of this, so I'm judging it completely on its own merit, and spoiler alert, there's not much merit. And although most of what I have to say in this review is negative, I still did somewhat enjoy watching this as I love the genre, and the cinematography was nice in places.

    So, if you've seen any generic 80s friendship adventure movie such as the…

  • Russell Howard: Recalibrate

    Russell Howard: Recalibrate


    "thANk yOU jeSuS fOR BrinGINg Us rUsSeLL!!" 

    But seriously this was so great, I was laughing so hard and there were some really touching stories as Russell recently lost his grandparents and he talked about how difficult it is to find the humour in those moments. Having also lost my gran to dementia, this hit me pretty strongly in the feels, but a second later I was laughing hysterically again, which is how life should be really, happy/sad and all the stuff in between.