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  • Stalker


    At the end I said "Yay! It's finished!" So I don't know how I can give it more than 2 stars. Yet the visuals deserve far more. I had been almost physically exercising willpower not to look at how much was left, because then I probably would have suggested stopping it, and I was doing actual physical exercises to stop myself from falling asleep. The period of watching the film since the intermission (about 1 hour in) felt like one…

  • Solaris



    The only Tarkovsky I'd seen before was The Sacrifice, which I'd been told wasn't typical - but I found a lot of similarity in the rhythms of Solaris. First, the main element was beautiful, slow, visuals, with a preponderance of nature scenes, which I loved. (I also loved the images of road networks at night.) A talkier element was introduced in a house near many of those landscapes, which was still okay. (At this stage during Solaris but not The…

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  • La Notte

    La Notte


    I'm really getting to like the films of Michelangelo Antonioni, having loved this, L'Avventura and Blow-Up.

    Whilst the first film of his alienation trilogy had an otherworldly, slow, fevered atmosphere some describe as boredom, it was in much of La Notte that I found something akin to boredom or neutrality or even a very mild depression: a feeling of what standard days are like in the spaces between things: the way that much of life is spent waiting for things…

  • A Prophet

    A Prophet


    I'd heard so many recommendations for Un prophète from people with good taste, on Letterboxd and before I joined, that at some point I forgot that it's a two and a half hour prison movie. An extra-large helping of a genre I usually avoid. Fuck.

    Not long after Malik's arrival in gaol though, it stops being an account of claustrophobic, intrusive routine whilst isolated amongst thugs - and becomes a mesmerising character drama about the men stuck in this big…