Home Alone ★★★★½

for as funny as the slapstick is, i always end up forgetting

1. how much this movie really does get me in the christmas spirit and has some wonderful, somber bits (the scene with Kevin and Marley talking in the church always warms my heart)

2. how funny and sharp the dialogue is

"i can't believe i forgot him...what kind of mother am i?"
"if it makes you feel any better, i forgot my reading glasses."

"where'd he go?"
"maybe he committed suicide"

"damn! how low can you get? givin' kris kringle a parking ticket on christmas eve. what's next, rabies shots for the easter bunny?"

"then, it'll be dark!"
"yeah, kids are scared of the dark!"
"you're afraid of the dark, marv."
".....no i'm not!"

"have you ever gone on vacation and left your child home?"
"........no....no...but i did leave one at a funeral parlor once."