Suspiria ★★★★½

Some (okay, most) of the dialogue and dubbing were SUPER distracting for me and a sequence towards the end involving one of the major side character's deaths was mildly dumb but aside from that....


Films like this make me realize how much I love/miss technicolor. Something about seeing the colors within early films and how bright they pop off the screen adds another layer/impact to their images and sets than most could now.

The most prominent color is (shockingly, for a horror movie) red. Red walls, red lights, red clothes, but it shines it's brightest, in the blood. The blood seeps and oozes out of the bodies like a freshly opened can of paint.

There are other colors, such as light blues, greens, and yellows. When "Suspiria' enters these moments, it becomes something else entirely. For the most part, it doesn't necessarily scare me, so much as it fascinates me.

I mean, the first ten minutes are pretty terrifying (if only for the incredibly loud music), but everything afterwards simply does it's own thing till it reaches a climax that, while predictable, leaves way for some of the most affective imagery.

All being played with a repetitive yet utterly beautiful score that ranges from eerie and spooky, to loud and bombastic, often at the flip of a coin.

I can see why some could be turned away (given my issues listed in the opening paragraph), but as it stands, I thoroughly enjoyed this, in a weird, sick sorta way.

Definitely want to watch again, just to see if I can see if anything improves.