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  • Destroyer



    This one is sort of disappointing overall. But I thought Nicole Kidman was really good here. Of course, I am a Nicole Kidman stan, so my opinion is probably pretty skewed. 

    I really had a problem with the way this film is structured. I feel as if it is trying to be confusing, keeping the viewer at arm’s length throughout. If that was the goal, it is successful. But I found it unnecessary. I admittedly had trouble keeping up with…

  • Christine



    I know I’ve seen this film before, and I remember bits and pieces, but I wanted to watch it again when it showed up on Shudder. I saw a portion of the beginning last October on AMC or something, and it really peaked my interest.

    Overall, this was fine.

    I really enjoyed the beginning. The friendship between Arnie and Dennis is really nice at this point. We don’t get a backstory on their relationship, but Dennis is a really good…

  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    I have no words.  Well, maybe a few words.

    I really disliked The Color Wheel, and never really gave Alex Ross Perry another chance until now. My bad. Same goes for Elizabeth Moss in general.

    Will there be a better film this year? If not, it’s okay, because Her Smell is five little masterpieces collected in one film for the ages that so many people will probably never see. 

    I am just flabbergasted at the way this film ran me through all of the emotions. I never saw it coming.

  • Paterson



    A Paterson Poem

    While I was watching Paterson, a tree fell on my house.
    The neighbor’s tree. Not the neighbor who stole my tacos.
    Another neighbor. The neighbor with the gazebo.
    The tree was tall, expansive, and made of oak.
    Its leaves littered my backyard. Its branches pierced my windows in the kitchen. Its top left multiples holes in my roof, now covered by a tarp.
    Like many people I know, it appeared fine from the outside, but something inside…

  • Demonlover



    There is half of a good movie here, at least for me. The first half works very well. I was highly invested in the story about rival companies attempting to capitalize on a very niche market (at least I hope that it is a niche market). There was some mystery and intrigue and wonder and uncertainty. 

    And then the film flips a switch at the halfway point (almost to the minute seemingly), reminiscent of the last film I watched, Happy…

  • The Lonely Island Presents: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience

    The Lonely Island Presents: The Unauthorized Bash Brothers Experience


    Extra half star for the Walt Weiss reference.

    I found Popstar to be a bit too long. This “visual poem” is the perfect length. At first listen, the songs are not quite as catchy, but let me listen to them on a loop the rest of the day and I may change my mind.

  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    Really loved this film too. I’ve had a very successful (albeit limited) film watching month as I complete my personal Cannes retrospective (perhaps I can squeeze in one more film before Friday). 

    I was super excited when Happy as Lazzaro (as well as The Wonders) was added to Netflix. I promptly added them to my queue and then never watched them, thinking “I’ll get around to them eventually.” This neglect is one reason I have recently begun themes of the…

  • Burning



    As I seem to do a lot, I’m going to start with a personal story that has very little to do with the film itself.

    For many years, my family would host kids coming to the United States from Korea to attend Vacation Bible School (VBS). Christianity has really become a burgeoning force in Korea since the 1950s. On one hand, I never fully understood why they needed to send their children to America for this experience. On the other…

  • The Love Witch

    The Love Witch


    Kind of really loved this one.

    I went into the film expecting some sort of stylized 60s pastiche, reminiscent of something like Down With Love, a film that did not work for me. I think the difference between the two has to do with the intent of the filmmaker. Down With Love felt like a film poking fun at the stereotypes of male and female roles of the 60s. The Love Witch uses this aesthetic but wants to genuinely explore…

  • I, Daniel Blake

    I, Daniel Blake


    The films in competition for the 2016 Palme d’Or at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival were pretty stacked. While at the time this film has generally seen as an unworthy winner, I feel as if it stands up with most of the other films I’ve seen from that lineup (although I am kind of partial to American Honey for the win).

    You could pair this film with The Death of Mr. Lazarescu for a strong look into the realities of…

  • Underground



    Like Come and See, here is another film I tried to watch years ago but could not get into at the time. I’m glad that I decided to give it another go.

    It’s kind of amazing to think about this film winning the Palme d’Or a year after Pulp Fiction. The two films are vastly thematically different, but both are visionary in their own ways.

    I am admittedly pretty ignorant about the history of Yugoslavia as well as the civil…

  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile


    This film is not necessarily bad, just extremely unnecessary. Especially considering it was made by the same filmmaker who released the Ted Bundy tapes documentary this year as well.

    People keep telling me that this film is different since it is from the perspective of his girlfriend. But is it from her perspective? Sometimes. But most of the film is a reenactment of the trial and does not involve Lily Collins’ character, other than some scenes of her watching it…