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  • Working Girl

    Working Girl


    My god. It all makes sense now. I think one of my friends watched this movie and used it as a manifesto for her approach to being a woman entering the world of business in 2019.

    It does also explain her hairstyles, but that part might be coincidental since she really does rock it.

  • Sahara



    I love adventure films as much as the next bozo, but maybe a little less corporate corruption and mindless action, and a little more treasure hunting? They spend a full hour and a half chasing down a polluting corporation and only about 10 minutes searching for what ultimately serves as a macguffin framing device. Talk about a bait and switch.

    Also Clive Cussler has such a boner for boats that he wrote a naval battle into the bloody Sahara and honestly I'm kind of impressed by the sheer audacity.

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  • Vampire Academy

    Vampire Academy


    You could tell me this was a new double-stuffed two part pilot for a high-budget CW vampire show, and I'd believe you. It's the very best example of what that would be like, but as a movie it's just kinda campy and pretty fun. Everyone is special, everyone is too self-serious, but most of all: everyone is beautiful, holy hell like what even

  • Jersey Girl

    Jersey Girl


    Coworker reminded me of this movie so I took another look at it. It was better than I remember, and in under 30 minutes Ben Affleck is talking to his new baby and I'm crying my butt off. It may have some weird beats, rough edges, and forced needle drops, but it has a whole lot of heart—and that makes up for a whole hell of a lot.