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  • Pieces



    This movie’s insane, and it’s great.

    It feels like an Argento giallo film except not as well crafted and even more illogical. There’s just a certain charm about this that makes it difficult to hate, with a truly “WTF” jaw dropping ending (for better or worse).

  • Demons



    In my original review I mentioned how ridiculous this movie got as a criticism? Not sure why I did that.

    This movie rips. If anything, I should’ve complained about how soap opera parts of this movie about a demon infested Hell theater got.

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  • Shazam!



    This movie was cute. It tries to capture that superheroic feel which I think a lot of superhero movies fail at lately. 

    You know, like a superhero helping people? You get that with Into the Spider-Verse, you get that with Wonder Woman, you even get that with Logan (a former hero who lost his way), and you get that here.

    I want my superheroes to be heroes. Is that too much to ask?

    This movie (like a lot of the other DC movies) looks sort of on the cheap side. Like, it looks cheap. Not all the scenes and moments look particularly good because of it.

  • Veronica



    Pretty standard ouija board/demonic possession movie. Not much to say about it really. There were some okay scares.