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  • Paddleton



    Part road trip comedy (the nearest pharmacy that offers the medication is six hours away) and part cancer drama, Paddleton focuses almost exclusively on Romano and Duplass, and in doing so crafts a wholesome, genuine example of love between two friends. Duplass largely plays the straight man of the duo, with Michael taking his diagnosis and inevitable future in stride far more level-headedly than Andy. With his mastery within the mumblecore movement, Duplass is right at home with this kind…

  • Alita: Battle Angel

    Alita: Battle Angel


    Alita: Battle Angel is a masterpiece of blockbuster, big-budget filmmaking, with massive action scenes built on an architectural design that makes sense in relation to where the characters are in relation to one another and how the camera moves in its fluidity. Yet where the film truly shines is in its characterization of its main character, and how the people that permeate her world are affected by her existence. This movie has something to say about class struggle in regards…

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  • Vice



    Vice is a plot without a story. There’s a lot of events transpiring on screen, but there lacks an underlying story that draws these elements together. Sections of Vice are best enjoyed as their own experience, independent of the film as a whole. In the earlier sections, it’s easier to do that. But when forced to reckon with the film as an overarching experience, it collapses under its own incoherence.


  • Before Sunrise

    Before Sunrise

    Like many other romance films, this is a classic meet-cute story of “boy meets girl,” but Linklater tells this one with depth unlike all others, and evolves it into something that feels like more than a piece of fiction. With focus set exclusively on the fundamental essentials – a burgeoning connection primarily developed through thoughtful, philosophical conversation – Linklater allows these films to avoid the trappings and tropes of their peers. There are no sweeping musical scores, no saccharine reunions…