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  • Life, and Nothing More...

    Life, and Nothing More...


    This is the second film in Abbas Kiarostami's Koker Trilogy, so-named due to the region of Iran in which all of the films take place. The first film, Where is the Friend's House?, concerned a young boy valiantly attempting to return his friend's notebook so that he can do his homework. It's an exceptional film.

    And Life Goes On (the title of this film given in the Criterion box set) exists in a world where Where Is the Friend's House?…

  • Demonica



    I love cock! I can't get enough of the mighty Johnson. All day long if I could. Give me a penis any day. I wish I had one!

    So I first saw a snippet of Demonica playing at the Pourhouse of Norfolk and could tell (even without audible dialogue) that it would be right up my alley. The low production values, evident terrible acting, and silly story are exactly my jam - and once I tracked down what it was,…

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  • Ready or Not

    Ready or Not


    Fucking rich people.

    Sometimes, a movie writes its own review!

  • Charlie Bartlett

    Charlie Bartlett


    Look, I needed something cute and easy tonight, and Charlie Bartlett pretty much fit the bill (there was a dodgy moment partway through when this almost turned into the exact opposite of what I needed, but luckily it took things a different direction than I feared).

    What can be said about Anton Yelchin except that he was an incredible talent taken from us too soon? He's great here, but really, everyone is. Downey Jr. gets a particular shoutout for a…

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  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill


    Dare you dare you double dare you

    I've seen Silent Hill a number of times - this is probably my fourth or fifth viewing - and every time, I'm reminded of its inherent contradictions. On the one hand, the dialogue and the performances are often wooden, the exposition is mind-numbing, and the Sean Bean scenes, forced on director Christophe Gans by the studio, are dull as dishwater (his original conception of an all-female film sounds much more interesting, and indeed,…

  • Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood


    I miss Sally Menke. I will not pretend to understand exactly what she brought to Quentin Tarantino's filmography - I have only fuzzy ideas of what an editor does and how he/she does it. I could not describe to you the rhythm of a scene or a film, except to say that I can feel when it is off. And Tarantino, when he was working with Menke, was never off.

    His films since her passing have had a shaggy, shapeless…