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  • The Bride from Hell

    The Bride from Hell


    Really fun 70s Shaw creeper. But the plot holes and inconsistencies outweigh the cinematography and set-pieces. Even the high-level photography and atmosphere this era of Shaw was famous for was lacking in comparison to the better films of the time.

  • The Ghost Lovers

    The Ghost Lovers


    The atmosphere and cinematography should give this a 3-star rating by default. Yes, it's frustratingly inconsistent in almost everything it attempts, apart from its photography, of course. But its eerie take on Chinese supernatural folklore is too effective to disregard completely. Maybe I'm being too generous giving it 3.5 stars, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing how it developed on from Shaw's 1960s ghost films.

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  • Gyeongju



    One of the funniest, well observed and moving films about nostalgia I've seen. The naturalism is so effective, even the most bizarre and counterintuitive moments feel so purposeful and human - reminds me of a later Kohei Oguri film. It's so easy to miss what's great about this film due to it pretty much breaking every expectation you have of how a film should develop. Honestly think this maybe Lu's best.

  • Blue



    Another beautiful example of how poignance and emotion are not dependant on drama ... raw sincerity and simple storytelling not only achieve this, but for me, surpass it.