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  • Rashomon



    I have to admit to feeling like the priest in this film most of the time.

    A woman is raped, and her husband is found dead. Four testimonies, and four different stories as to what actually occurred.

    What a profound examination of truth this film was! What I found fascinating was how this movie never even attempted to broach the subject of justice - the film seemed almost uninterested. 100% of the focus was on who could be trusted. Who…

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    “So far, so good. So far, so good.”


    What spends much of it’s runtime seemingly as your standard “day in the life” type movie, albeit highly crafted with much to say about race and the balance of power between law and the underprivileged, ends with one of the most affecting conclusions I’ve ever seen in a film. This movie feels even more relevant today than when it was made. I don’t know what else to say. I need to pick my jaw up off of the floor.

    Shoutout to my boy Reed for the recommendation!

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  • Barry Lyndon

    Barry Lyndon


    Truly a photographer’s film. 

    I have yet to dig into any Ozu (which will be rectified soon enough), but for my money, no one can touch Kubrick’s compositions. 

    To be discussed this week on "Moo V."

  • The Player

    The Player


    This was wrapped in like 37 layers of meta, and I loved every one of them. I’ve heard a number of Hollywood players comment that this film is a true depiction of what that culture is like.

    Apparently a production company actually wanted to option the rights to make Habeus Corpus - what is more Hollywood than that? How can I add it to my watchlist?

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  • Last Hurrah for Chivalry

    Last Hurrah for Chivalry


    Really fantastic early film from John Woo. A great mix of a compelling revenge story, unexpected twists, genuine laugh out loud moments, and some of the best swordplay I’ve ever seen in film.

  • Bicycle Thieves

    Bicycle Thieves



    War-torn Italy post WWII, where something as simple as a bicycle means life and death for a family. As heavy as this film is, it’s not without genuine moments of humor. And the two lead performances here are remarkable - a feat that is made all the more impressive considering the fact that they are not actors. The child who plays Bruno may be my favorite child performance of all time. 

    And the ending. The last few shots of…