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  • The Burning Moon

    The Burning Moon


    The Burning Moon pulverized my soul and I loved every cot dang second I tells ya what! I last watched this without sound while listening to Converge. As much as that was an experience in itself I've yearned to give this another proper viewing. Have you ever yearned? Everyone needs a solid yearination. Burning Moon!!!!

    When I try to think about how to describe this movie the first thing I think of is blunt force trauma. To the brain. No…

  • Heavy Metal Massacre

    Heavy Metal Massacre


    What a delightful disaster! Thanks to GarbageReelkids for providing the goods once again. This was just the lo fi brain fry I needed. When I see an SOV titled Heavy Metal Massacre you know I ain't walking to check it out, I'm running, swimming, jumping and kart wheeling to get to this sucka. From the tacky psychedelic intro ol belial was hooked!

    Basically this hair metal creeper lures women into his lair where he drugs them up and murders them?…

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  • Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity

    Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity


    Cheesy sleazy shennanigans up the ying yang. Whooooooa Dogggyyy! This is just the low budget trash spectacle I love discovering. And some of the FX and monster costumes ain't half bad! Well pretty bad but fun!Full Moon can be a gamble but this was just silly fun. Cheap props and set designs, likeable characters and robots!

    Two woman slaves escape their prison planet and end up on a mysterious new planet. They discover a zany group of characters led by…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    I think I officially like this just as much as the original. It just has such an awesome feel to it. Pure atmospheric perfection drenched in heavy mood and tension. A mean spirited film filled with grizzly kills and jarring violence. Visceral and stylistic dread elevated by great camera details and ominous lighting choices. A great visualization of autumn with its dimly lit streets, retro Halloween costumes and leaves blowing through an abandoned town.

    This movie is further elevated by…