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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    “Avengers... Assemble!”

    not many movies are able to match the size and scale of superhero films. they are absurd, fast-paced, and grand (many of them for no justifiable reason). 

    yet, Avengers: Endgame seems to be in a world of its own. it manages to be coherent and deeply affecting; all the while reveling in its grandiosity, which rivals no other superhero flick.

    Marvel had a lot of work to do. they had to tie together plot points from 22 prior…

  • Us



    “and to think, if it weren’t for you, i never would’ve danced at all.”

    when the trailer for this movie came out, my excitement could not be contained. I forced everyone I know to watch it. I memorized the entire thing by heart. I’ve read rave reviews (as well as the not-so warm reviews), and I was ready to see this masterpiece.

    it’s been two hours since it ended, and nothing could’ve prepared me for the psychotic mess this movie…

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  • Toy Story 3

    Toy Story 3


    “so long... partner.”

    sometimes, I take time to ponder upon how — time and again — the Toy Story movies have managed to maintain their level of wonderment. the concept of lost toys trying to find their owner couldn’t be any simpler, but what Pixar has done with these movies is worthy of adoration.

    these films, especially this third one, strikes a chord with everyone, whether young or old. more than any thing, it struck a chord in me. Toy…

  • Someone Great

    Someone Great


    the second I heard lorde’s supercut in the beginning of the movie, I knew I was in for a good time.

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  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody


    Rami Malek be like:

    👁                    👁 



  • Enemy



    it feels like no matter how many times I watch this movie, there’s always one question or the other left unanswered — this is now my fourth viewing, and each time, my theory as to what the movie really means changes, but it always seems to not make sense in my head.

    Dennis Villeneuve did a wonderful job in crafting this mind-twisting, cerebral thriller about the subconscious. or is it about commitment? maybe it’s about split personality disorder... or could…