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  • Spirited Away

    Spirited Away


    we did that ladies.

    “hahahahaha... disgusting.”

    this was cute i really enjoyed it. so many things about it made me giggle. i thought the plot was weird, but also seamless and clever in its thematic presentation. it ends a little too abruptly for my taste, but i’m still satisfied by the ending for the most part. goes without saying that the animation, characters, and world building are top notch. i absolutely fell in love with the world. 

    if i still…

  • Booksmart



    i loved this

    i related perhaps a little too much in order to rate it fairly but it really was wonderful. the casting and acting was great, the soundtrack was perfect, the story had some unexpected beats. really just a solid, solid, film. 

    only complaint is there was one (1) very noticeable instance of adr but really who cares. 

    this film had me invested from start to finish and i loved it

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  • Words from a Bear

    Words from a Bear


    i’ll admit i’m biased toward anything involving bears and/or the presence of southwestern landscapes but this really is an excellent documentary about an excellent subject. the animation and textures are really what elevate this above the standard documentary. i thought the visual presentation was beautiful. yes, aspects of it make it feel like a television documentary, but the beautiful shots of cascading landscapes and the different modes of storytelling add cinematic and artistic flare. not to mention the story itself is inspiring and eye opening and leads to great conversations afterwards. words from a bear is authentic and serves as a voice gone too often unheard.

  • SLC Punk

    SLC Punk


    god i love this movie for mostly personal and biased reasons. being from salt lake and being involved in alternative subculture i’m so happy this exists. the last time i saw this i was a high school punk and i remember feeling attacked when brandy says that steve-o looks like he’s wearing a uniform. now that i’m in college and growing up i can’t help but relate to steve-o. the end makes me cry every time.