Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé ★★★★★

The night before this film and album dropped, I had an argument with a friend over their vehement distaste for Beyoncé. They claimed her music was trash and that she contributed very little effort to produce her creative projects.

Well, clearly, they don't know shit. The fact this doc came out the next day, and that it displays the immense devotion and involvement that went into constructing, strategizing, and creating a piece of art such as HOMECOMING is undeniable.

Like LEMONADE that came before (among her other works), HOMECOMING is infused with a reverence for feminine power and black culture, a depth of awareness that few artists can effectively dive into, and just raw, unfiltered beauty in the realest sense of the experience.

To not appreciate the sheer force of Beyoncé's presence and impact is, quite frankly, to be a rube and a Philistine. I won't mince any words about it. This film is high art to me. This is the kind of work that the world needs to see and respect. Whether you like the music or not. BOW DOWN, BITCHES.