The Neon Demon

A prime example of why men should not be allowed to make films about women and/or the experience of being a woman. I knew going into this that I would hate it, but it far surpassed hatred and ventured into the realm of vehement disdain and disgust. 

Most of the scathing reviews I've encountered on letterboxd have adamantly addressed the problematic nature of this film so I won't bother to waste any more of my time; but suffice to say, The Neon Demon further solidifies my aversion to everything that Nicolas Winding Refn creates. His affinity for vapidity and "style over substance" is not as intriguing as he seems to think. The fact he actually dedicated this film to his wife with a little heart ("For Liv <3") makes me highly uncomfortable—and that's exactly how I felt for the majority of the film (besides angry). 

I'm only giving this one star over the zero it deserves because the cinematography is magical, and for the fact it was shot by a woman, but everything else can just die in a fucking fire bye.