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  • Saint



    First time I watched this film I really didn't care for It and found it laughable. But, each year I give it another go and find myself liking it more and more each time. No its not a great movie, it is incredibly cheesy but I love cheesy films and I think that is why I found myself enjoying it. Pairs well with other cheesy xmas films like Santas Slay and Silent Night Deadly Night.

  • Hanna



    This is my second time watching Hanna and I do have to say that the film was better the second time around. It has some amazing cinematography, action scenes, and sets.

    Hanna is one bada$$ teen that I wouldn't wanna piss off. She has been sheltered from the outside world training her life for this one moment. As she embarks on her quest of self discovery and revenge she covers a very gripping story that reels you right in.

    A very fun and fast paced movie I recommend viewing.