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  • Oh! What a Lovely War

    Oh! What a Lovely War


    This was probably absolutely brilliant on the stage.
    What it definitely did not need was the 60s roadshow treatment.

    Fun, at parts, an earnest attempt to expose the truth behind propaganda films (and other such art), that's poorly served by too much budget and a too languorous pace. There's little stitching the isolated sketches together: the family, arguably, but they were so vague and undifferentiated I could barely keep track of the important men, always forgetting who was actually in…

  • A Dry White Season

    A Dry White Season


    This is why representation is important.

    Hollywood has a long history of movies examining racism through the eyes of white people, a trend that started many decades ago and seems to be in no danger of disappearing, especially since they're still winning Oscars. For the most part, these stories are told by well-meaning (to various degrees) liberal white people, some of whom have desired to effect change, and some of whom seemed more inclined to pat themselves on the back…

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  • Two Arabian Knights

    Two Arabian Knights


    I mean, a prisoner of war comedy is a tricky proposition at best, and to add all the white people pretending to be Arabic on top of that (sorry, I love you Mary Astor, but this is not your proudest moment), but then they stand up in those frozen robes and I just absolutely lose it, so well played, Milestone. Well played.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    So they fixed the lack of an overarching dramatic conflict to Queen's narrative by casting Mercury's sexuality as the demonic Yoko Ono analogue that broke up the band, making him the prodigal son forced to come crawling back after he receives AIDS as penance for his sins?

    Well... that's definitely a choice.