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  • A Date with Judy

    A Date with Judy


    I don’t know why 1940s studio writers thought teenagers were invariably manic, unstable, and only slightly reminiscent of humans, but A Date with Judy is still one of the better high school films I’ve seen. It has a lively pace and better-than-expected music, so it was worth a watch. Carmen is great in her small, low-key role.

  • The Sky's the Limit

    The Sky's the Limit


    Plot Summary: 44-year-old Fred Astaire’s character stalks 18-year-old Joan Leslie’s character, who is practically engaged to her boss, 54-year-old Robert Benchley’s character. And there’s a war going on or something.

    I think the situations—which include Fred following her everywhere, renting an apartment in the same building as her’s, breaking into her apartment the next morning, trashing a bar, etc.—are supposed to make this one funny and charming. Like, haha, Fred’s a rakish flyer who debonairly breezes through life on his…

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  • Robin and the 7 Hoods

    Robin and the 7 Hoods


    I wish this had been in 4-D so when Sammy Davis started shooting in the gambling joint, I would have been spared the rest of the film.

  • Too Many Husbands

    Too Many Husbands


    Good performances all around, but this isn’t the wittiest film you’ll ever watch. Sounds silly to say given the premise, but going further with the screwball antics probably would have been funnier. I wanted to see more competition and one-upmanship, but mostly we get a lot of bickering.

    Now to the real matter at hand. Are you Team Henry or Team Bill?