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  • Maniac



    i am trying to be more open about my mental health, something i’ve spent the vast majority of my life feeling a prickly  shame for. i have a panic disorder that makes my physical body think it’s GOING TO DIE!!!!! every time i’m even a little nervous, even though my brain rationally knows there’s no perceived threat. my throat closes up. i can’t breathe. i take a xanax with a trembling hand. i call my mom and she talks me…

  • Tootsie



    this is my 1,000th letterboxd review and i’m going to spend it on TOOTSIE!!!!!!!!!

    TOOTSIE RULES!!!!!!!!!! haha, good ol’ tootsie!!!!!! tootsie tells it like it is!!!!!!!!!! i like when tootsie wears her sparkly red dress, i like when tootsie yells at her sexist director, i like when tootsie plays with a paddington bear stuffed animal — heck, i like everything tootsie does!!!!!!! you get a tootsie, you get a tootsie!!!!!!! a tootsie in every home!!!!!!! no tootsie left behind!!!!!!!!!!! TOOTSIE 2020!!!!!!!!!

  • Destroyer



    (Review for Willamette Week)

    Destroyer is yet another LA film noir about a hard-boiled detective who doesn’t play it by the book, but what separates it from the overwhelmingly male-centric noirs of yore is that our gritty antihero is (finally) an antiheroine. Swaggering through the streets with an icy blue stare and a battered leather jacket, Detective Erin Bell (Nicole Kidman) attempts to solve a murderous mystery related to her distant, checkered past. Along the way, she viciously curses at…

  • Bohemian Rhapsody

    Bohemian Rhapsody

    let’s pretend for a second that this movie wasn’t mostly directed by a pedophile (this is the only time i’ll ever ask you to forget this critical fact. please remember again when specified. thanks in advance!). 

    yes, let’s look at bohemian rhapsody completely devoid of its controversial cultural context. just for a moment. let’s purely analyze it from a technical point of view. 

    the editing is disorienting (in an amateurish unawareness of physical space way, not a purposefully artistic and…

  • Paddington



    thinking about renaming my bear-shaped cat from “bradley pitts” to “braddington,” dressing him in a red hat and blue duffle coat, and training him to perform absurdly endearing physical comedy on command. if anyone knows any speech therapists that could help him learn how to say “if you’re kind and polite, the world will be right,” in a posh english accent please let me know!!! <3

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    i took my friend to see this and a week later she said it affected her so much that she cried about it for an entire therapy session, which is probably yorgos’s ultimate artistic goal and would mean more to him than any of the major directing awards that he should be earning!

  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World


    i would like this movie. but in high school i think i gaslit myself into pretending to love it more than i did so that boys would think i was a Cool Girl.

    i would like this movie. but in high school i know i saw every single frame of it in over-saturated 2010 gif form over and over and OVER again on t*mblr and i’ve been working hard to block those out. 

    i would like this movie. but its…

  • Nine to Five

    Nine to Five


    bloody, dramatic female-driven revenge stories like Kill Bill, Revenge, MFA, Gone Girl, etc. have arguably managed to carve out their own little niche in cinema. they’re cathartic and ruthless — evoking the raw fury of women scorned, the fury we’re taught to stuff down so deep inside of us and to hide with a phony, plastic Barbie Doll smile. as much as i love these films, and as necessary as they are, they’re not relaxing to watch. it’s not pleasant…

  • You Can Count on Me

    You Can Count on Me


    my most specific Little Cinema Pleasure is when matthew broderick randomly pops up in kenneth lonergan family dramas. distracting in a good way! :)

     my most specific Little Cinema Pet Peeve is when directors cast themselves in speaking roles in their own movies despite their absence of any acting ability. distracting in a bad way! :(

  • Bird Box

    Bird Box


    brad pitt in se7en: WHAT’S IN THE BOoOoOX??? 🔫😤
    me: bird 🙂

  • True Stories

    True Stories


    david byrne is the mr. rogers of new wave music because they both: 
    A. exude the same earnest, comforting energy 
    B. are known for their iconic fashion choices (cardigan sweater!!! big suit!!!)
    and C. are the only men who do not immediately set off my fight-or-flight reflex

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