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  • Raw



    Raw emits the same mood as the cow heart dissection in my 12th grade human anatomy class:

    staring at the wet mound of pale red flesh soak through the brown paper towel, i thought, "this is probably the only time you will ever touch a cow heart in your life,” in blinking neon letters. “you are not good at math and science. you will never pursue this as a career. this is it.”

    my lab partner was an actual, signed…

  • The Lobster

    The Lobster


    my god i’m so lonely

  • Edge of the City

    Edge of the City


    pretty wild how i had to go back to 1957 to see a movie about a blossoming friendship between a Black man and a white man where the latter isn’t, like ... a racist

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    hey it’s been a while since we’ve talked about how hard this movie fucks — was thinking it would be productive to get that dialogue going again!

    i’ll start:
    this movie FUCKS SO HARD that, after merely watching the fallout trailer, i watched all 5 previous mission: impossibles for the first time ever. that 2 minute clip pointed henry cavill’s arm at my head, forcing me to watch 10 1/2 hours of tom cruise running so fast... and every day i thank l ron hubbard it did so.

  • The Haircut
  • Broadcast News

    Broadcast News


    eternal gratitude to Broadcast News for showing the world that a woman producer telling a man anchor what to do through an earpiece IS, as the latter says, “like great sex.” this power dynamic can and has been done over and over again since and i will NEVER EVER tire of it — newsroom romances just burn hotter, baby!!

  • Shadows



    breaking in my cassavetes boxset with his directorial debut, SHADOWS, a probe into the complications of interracial relationships in late 50s new york. the erratic jazz score is a definite highlight, brilliantly mirroring the improvisational nature of the dialogue — makes sense that cassavetes and cast came up with the roots for the film in acting workshops, as some scenes do have the exploratory, push-pull dynamic of a drama school exercise. yeah, it’s a bit sloppy overall, but when you’re helping to pioneer the independent film movement, slack can be cut!

  • Shrek Retold

    Shrek Retold

    genuinely BONKERS that our society is advanced enough to produce this radical piece of independent underground experimental cinema. a welcome reminder that there is pure good in the world. (side note: the surprise david liebe hart cover of hallelujah is, dare i say, better than the original?) 

    i’m not usually in the business of being jealous of middle schoolers, but oh how i envy those who’ll get to discover this eventual cult classic on a red bull-fueled sleepover, where they’ll…

  • The Game

    The Game


    this is actually the only way to trick a man into self-reflection

  • The Killers

    The Killers


    on this episode of My Torrid Love Affair with the Ghost of John Cassavetes
    THE KILLERS, creators of the greatest song of all time and also an ernest hemingway short story that’s been cinematically adapted THREE different times — nobody tell bradley cooper or he’ll take it as a challenge!!! 

    though the copious rear projection driving scenes haven’t aged gracefully, director don siegel’s take was worth it if just for the visually pleasing image of johnny cass pistol-whipping then throwing r*nald re*gan out of a moving car ... not to publicly condone violence or anything but god he was so far ahead of his time

  • Touch of Evil

    Touch of Evil


    brad pitt as eraserhead ....... call me when he plays the eraserhead BABY

  • Horror Show

    Horror Show


    timothée chalamet as a cannibal ... i’m .... malfunctioning ....... 🥵🥵🥵