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  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    Still unnecessary, but FUCK it was so much fun I ain't even mad (it helped that I saw it with a very packed and very appreciative audience). And call me crazy, I thought the big goodbye scene here worked better than the one in 3.

    This really did more than any other other movies to open up the movies' world with all these alternative toy communities, and I especially love this wonderfully bizarre reinvention of a Bo Peep as a…

  • Aladdin



    I'm probably alone in this "King Arthur: Legend of the Sword was great" boat, but I would have loved this so much more if Disney had given Guy Ritchie free rein to do whatever the fuck he wants with this legend the way Warners had with that one. I came for a Guy Ritchiefied Arabian Nights fantasia and got him stuck in a totally anonymous workman's role hitting the beats Disney set out for him. Which is a bad strategy,…

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  • Excalibur



    I'm starting to see the breakdown of the ratings system. You've got one half ridiculous camp nonsense (who knew King Arthur was such a goober?) and one half crazy brilliant transcendent classic. So, uh, I kinda took the average.

  • Modern Times

    Modern Times


    Just perfect. Paulette Godard is brilliant, the social commentary is still relevant eighty years later, and coked-up Charlie Chaplin is the funniest thing in the world. I'm pretty sure this has been empirically proven.