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  • Booksmart



    olivia wilde has more sense of direction, visual style, framing, composition, music cues, editing, comedic timing, and cardi b jokes than most of the 90 years of academy award best picture winners

  • Piercing



    mia wasikowska is an escaped body double/twin of me that achieved their film industry dreams early and each performance is a sly taunt towards me at every turn. in a continuation of this trend, in this one she wears a pretty sick fur coat i couldnt in a million years afford to wear.

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  • Mid90s



    jonah hill: so you guys will distribute my movie?? that's great!!

    a24 exec #1 and #2: our pleasure jonah :) 

    jonah hill: only problem is i don't have a cast member in mind for a brother i kinda need help with that

    a24 exec #1 and #2, simultaneously: The Basement

    a24 exec #1 and #2: opens a heavily guarded secret underground vault leading to lucas hedges 

    lucas hedges who hasnt eaten in 4 days: is that you..mother...what is going on..,…

  • Thoroughbreds



    gotta say this live action adaptation of the barbie horse adventures video games got seriously intense