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  • The Art of Self-Defense

    The Art of Self-Defense


    I wish the whole film stuck with the tone and character focus of the first half, but what an impressive directorial debut for Riley Stearns! Hilarious in a very dry way.

  • Spy Game

    Spy Game


    Not as action-oriented as I expected, but I appreciated the more cloak-and-dagger, Tom Clancy-esque approach. Redford and Pitt had magnetic screen chemistry in their sparing amount of scenes together. Pitt was pretty underutilized but great when he shows up. Though the screenplay is very impressive, certain important plot points felt glossed over to me in the third act, losing some of its coherency.

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  • Yesterday



    So refreshing and vibrant. This film is flawed with some weird editing and a cringe-worthy, annoying Kate McKinnon performance, but it’s so much fun. The story is so unique and exciting to watch unfold. Go support this!

  • Widows



    Holy shit this film floored me and left me spellbound. This is the kind of bold and exciting filmmaking that I love. This film weaves a patient, complex plot thread that combines thrilling entertainment with social subtext. I had no problems with the film until some loose ends left me either unsatisfied or confused. Also Liam Neeson, does this man age?