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  • Empty Cul-de-sacs

    Empty Cul-de-sacs

    hi. I shot my first short film last year. this is the film.

    if you don't know me personally, I put a few ways to contact me on my profile here if you want to message me to watch the film.

    if you do know me, I probably put it somewhere you can access it already. if not, message me.

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  • Maborosi



    first time watching in hd. I think it'll stay in my mind even more than when I first watched it.

    there's also an amazing extra on the milestone blu-ray where, 8 years later, koreeda and makiko esumi travel back to the area in wajima where this was shot.

  • Over the Fence

    Over the Fence


    yamashita putting me on blast for not peepin folm for couple months. I've missed this feeling so much :ffpu:

    mon got nothin but classics

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  • Antiporno




    what can I even say

    I don't cape for sono much but every time I watch a new film of his I just fall in love. he's pretty much the polar opposite of the types of films I usually like most but god damnit how can you not love some of the stuff he does. absolute madman in the flesh.

    and shoutout to ami tomite & ariko tsutsui for their performances. jesus christ. really wasn't expecting that from either of them.

  • A Bride for Rip Van Winkle

    A Bride for Rip Van Winkle


    the lonely dreamy iwai haze is back <3 his visuals have really become next level. I've never seen someone use so much hand-held and wide angle lens like he does.

    I've been sitting here for like an hour trying to type something about how this film made me feel but I just keep deleting what I've written. it's a good thing though. this was special.