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  • Gidget Goes Hawaiian

    Gidget Goes Hawaiian


    Silly and compulsively watchable

  • Drop Dead Gorgeous

    Drop Dead Gorgeous


    I cannot believe that some of this made it into cinemas. Some of it would not fly these days. Some of it is inspired. Most of it falls somewhere in-between. Surprised there weren’t more State cameos than Tom Lennon’s voice.

  • The Age of Innocence

    The Age of Innocence


    I’d like to see this on a program with Scorsese’s other films about whether or not to deviate from systems. It’s not as dramatic as Kundun or Goodfellas because in the end it is a film about inaction which is extremely hard to make cinematic. But it is also not without its merits. I feel like Wong Kar Wai might have taken some visual cues from here for In the Mood for Love.

  • Knife+Heart



    Makes about as much sense as most giallo films I’ve seen. Complete with a Deep Red sojourn out to the country for explosition. Extremely stylish and also quite sad.

    Also made me wonder if there’s ever been a slasher film explicitly about the early days of AIDS?

  • Rocketman



    I love that they take a similar rout to the James Brown movie Get on Up and open up with the ridiculousness and then peeling it back. Egerton gives a great performance and handles the songs exquisitely. No matter how crazy things get it is also still able to be moving.

    We’ve seen this story so many times but the over-the-top style leans into and embraces the cliches. It doesn’t do anything half-assed and unlike the recent Miles Davis bionic succeeds at making something that the film’s subject would have made himself.

    ...which I guess makes sense since Elton was the film’s executive producer.

  • Yesterday



    Cute. Sort of wish it wasn’t a Danny Boyle film. Every time there was a very Boyle shot I was kinda taken out. And a very late reveal was...interesting. You could spend all day trying to sort out the logic of it all, but taken at face value it’s a cute film with great music and two very charming leads.

  • Thumbsucker



    The first act is kinda tough to get through but it is necessary. The messiness of the rest of the film wouldn’t work without the rigidity of that opening.

    You can see the beginnings of Mike Mills’ genius, but he also clearly made a quantum leap forward between this film and Beginners.

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home

    Spider-Man: Far from Home


    This is like the ultimate CW genre show. I’ve always appreciated aspects of those shows, but was always turned off by the TV-level effects. This has all the heart and humor of those shows, but with a multi-million dollar budget.

    This round of spider-man films is really strong. Proof that it doesn’t always have to be an Avengers-level Event.

  • The Sandlot

    The Sandlot


    Haven’t seen Rocketman yet, but do they have a scene where Elton and Bernie write a song about a small town kid who plays baseball real good?

  • Milius



    I appreciate that they didn’t feel the need to include everything, but the snippets of allegories that pop up throughout the credits are quite the tease.

  • The Heiress

    The Heiress


    That ending still packs a whalop!

  • Mothra vs. Godzilla

    Mothra vs. Godzilla


    Lola was totally team Godzilla and rooting for him to eat the egg. In fairness this is the first Godzilla film she’s seen where he plays the heel.