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  • The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds


    My wife was having a girls night, our kids were asleep and for the first time in ages I didn't have any DVDs from ILL or DVR'd movies waiting for me. So, I flicked on the TV and TCM was introducing The War of the Worlds. Why not?

    I didn't love it and I didn't expect to. What I thoroughly enjoyed was the use of color throughout, it is just so rich and vibrant. Unlike many modern films of this…

  • South Pacific

    South Pacific


    I struggled with this one a good deal. It all feels so static throughout its entire runtime. The musical numbers are so low-blood sugar. The themes are dealt with in a clunky, clumsy manner. I appreciated the attempt talk about interracial relationships, but it seems like the creative team got scared which left the film with a lukewarm story and half-developed (or less) characters. The acting let the characters down further. There wasn't any star making charm hiding within to cover up the flaws. Then those color filters? What the hell?

    Entered my Flickchart at: 2,832 (5%)

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  • City of God

    City of God


    I finally made my way around to Meirelles' City of God, viewing this dark shakespearean through '70s exploitation tale, late at night, during the early part of the graveyard shift, whilst holding my newborn son (who sleeps best in one's arms).

    City of God was exhilarating, heart breaking, somber, humourous, and devastating. It was impossible for me not to enjoy the movie before me and by the conclusion of this tale of modern feudal lords waging war, I was in…

  • Steve Jobs

    Steve Jobs


    A "Raging Bull" with billionaires.