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  • Wild Rose

    Wild Rose


    More country songs should be written about Julie Walters.

    There's some cracking scenes in this, and it's eminently watchable, though eyebrows have to rise at having a lead character who is obsessed with an art form that continually self-documents the business behind it's own creation, but who doesn't have so much as a Soundcloud. There are approximately 10 million songs about making it in Nashville, and none of them rely on you just showing up and being enthusiastic. If you're…

  • This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous

    This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous


    At one point there is sombre music and the screen goes black, only for an intertitle to appear saying "February 2012. Gregory takes a 20 day hiatus from YouTube." and I'm sorry gay Jesus but I laughed my head off.

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  • Little Forest

    Little Forest


    A movie that's mostly a young woman cooking food, eating food, cuddling a puppy and wearing a duffle coat is an automatic four stars and has probably lowered my blood pressure to almost-healthy levels.

  • Cherry Pop

    Cherry Pop


    Weirdly transphobic, weirdly misogynist, weirdly Cis Het White Lives Matter. Throwing a couple of stars at it for a supporting cast who do their damndest with poor material.