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  • Train to Busan

    Train to Busan


    Despite a thrilling and engaging start to this zombies-on-a-train flick, it gets tiresome after a while. Too much repetition, heroic sacrifice after heroic sacrifice, while the machinery of this film goes on and on for far too long that you end up losing all emotional connection to the characters and story that I am that lone guy at Rollercoaster Tycoon screaming that I'd like to get off this ride. Still a quite competent zombie movie, with iconic set pieces and good performances as well.

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    This is the movie you show if people are unsure about Robert Pattinson. Without a doubt his greatest performance in what can be described as a classic Scorsese with modern, vibrant dialogue, sparkled with neonicity and stark cinematography, and a fabulous soundtrack as well. A thrill-ride from start to finish after a heist gone wrong and the desperate determination of Pattinson's character trying to rescue his brother.

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  • Whiplash



    I started playing the drums when I was 8 (before that was when I was a toddler, banging on pots and pans). Now I'm 24.
    "Whiplash" just captured everything. The feel of sitting behind the kit, getting yelled at by an instructor, how desperate you sometime feel, how fixated you are. This one hit home base for me. Other than several drum fills that don't match what you see on screen, you get a flawless film. The editing, the performances, the direction. All of this makes up for the obvious mistakes. Everything is so tight, so correct, with the perfect precision that a drummer should have.

  • Utøya: July 22

    Utøya: July 22


    During the aftermath of 22nd July of 2011, I mentioned to a AUF-member that someone will probably capitalize on the horrible event and make a feature length film about it. He promptly un-friended me on Facebook. While I know that the subject is hard, I know that based on movies like Elephant, Polytechnique and several others, someone would do exactly that with this tragedy. Sooner or later.

    However, the way this movie turned out, does not feel like it's capitalizing…