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  • Safe



    Sometimes, you just need a lean, meat-and-potatoes action thriller where Jason Statham kills and/or beats the crap out of a whole bunch of dirtbags.

    This one does the job. Enjoyable, doesn't overstay its welcome.

    P.S. I's a SAFE pick. How did I not think of the obvious joke? What the hell is wrong with me?

  • 300



    Very easy to criticise and yet full of incredibly cool moments and lines that straddle the line between cheesy and epic.

    Visuals are a mixed bag of jawdropping eye-candy and butt-ugly, muddy browns. Action is fantastic.

    This is profoundly racist film that puts toxic masculinity on a pedestal and yet damn it, I can't get this stupid goofy grin off my face every time I think about the WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION scene. It's so iconic and cool.

    So many moments are iconic and cool. So much of the rest is hot garbage. What a weird artefact of popular culture this is.

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  • Overlord



    Thinks being loud is the same as being exciting, full of obvious jump scares and boring characters. There's some fun to be had, both intentional and otherwise, but it's mostly a waste of a cool premise.

  • Halloween



    A carefully crafted and rather brilliant homage to a horror classic that both refines and builds upon what came before.

    It's a direct continuation of the original film that nails the tone and atmosphere perfectly, offering a mix of deliberate callbacks and fresh new ideas.

    Jamie Lee Curtis makes a spectacular return as Laurie Strode, a woman who's both much tougher and considerably more vulnerable than before.

    Michael Myers has an incredibly unnerving presence. He may not make you jump…