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  • Cecil B. Demented

    Cecil B. Demented


    If Kubrick, Kurosawa, and Welles are the ideals that filmmakers should strive toward, John Waters, and this film, are the greatest frenzied fever dreams of filmmakers I've ever seen. A beautiful example of counterculture trash, in the best way.

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  • Cujo



    I may be alone in thinking it, but I found this rather average. Dee Wallace's performance was great, but the cheating subplot feels like it takes away empathy points from the audience, for the protagonist; and Danny Pintauro just screaming and screaming and screaming just grates... Glad the dog enjoyed working on the movie though.

  • Next



    Like I was saying in my Riding the Bullet review, if 98% of your movie is hallucination/fakeouts, or in this case, future visions, you aren't really left with a movie. Luckily this one has Nic Cage using such amazing lines as "I liked Cadillacs, I liked Frankenstein, it just made sense" when his character is asked where his stage name of Frank Cadillac came from.

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  • Loqueesha



    Easily 2019's worst and likely most offensive movie. Possibly the worst movie I've ever seen? Here are my screening notes:

    Ableist jokes count. iii
    Transphobic jokes count iiii
    General sex (virgin/slut) shaming ii
    Full OOF jokes iii
    (“Dad, that smartphone is just making you stupid.” -protag’s son, scolding his dad for checking for a work email, clearly a line written by a man who spends time around youths)
    (“Why you white folks always afraid to speak yo minds, you the…

  • Hellboy


    Hellboy, more like Hellbad.

    Remarkably awful, you could feel the studio executive interference on this one... The movie plays off like an awful clip show episode of a Hellboy TV series, showing stories from across Hellboy's comics, while confusingly starting with the final arc of his comic life? Add that to the fact this film suffers from what I call "prequel-trilogy-itis" where a thousand cool things are just talked about having already happened instead of shown, in lieu of actual…