X-Men: First Class ★★★★

Great restart of the X-men series. After Xmen 3 and the wolverine I began to believe x men is over but this prequel is fantastic in the most points I think. 

First said I’ve seen many X-men scenes from many of its scenes in tv with no sense tv chapping in the old times where I had no interest of the x men.  

Now on the road to Logan (top 250 imdb movie) I have to watch the whole series and after the first two satisfying movies this is the first which make fun again. It’s simply great to see fassender and mcavoy in these two roles and also the story at all is great. Supporting roles and villain are also very fine. Problems are only in some too easy feeling bad choices of the characters ,a bit the problem of some flying characters and a only average action score.  

All in all I’m surprised of the X-men and this rebirth and I’m  curious of watching future past and Logan!