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  • Babylon



    Deliver Me From My Enemies

  • Serpico



    "What happened to the cannoli line?"

  • The Black Windmill

    The Black Windmill


    Siegel's formal economy can't be denied...entire crucial scenes play out here without a single cut or line of dialogue and he fills his scope frames with detail. Aside from that, even for its time this is a strangely laid back story of espionage, murder, and kidnapping, with a characteristically terse Michael Caine casually tracking down some terrorists who've abducted his boy. More than once he tells his semi-estranged wife that it's very likely their son will never be seen alive…

  • Unfaithful



    Lyne's best movie, almost a deliberate reversal of FATAL ATTRACTION. Discussed on Episode 16 of The Suspense is Killing Us.

  • The Farewell

    The Farewell


    Certainly more rewarding than the representation + formula = movie routine I was expecting, full of warmth and empathy and a persistent and specific perspective on not just family but the emotional value of collectivism, which might sound like a stretch but just trust me. Could have done entirely without the little IRL tag at the end, but what are you gonna do? Awkwafina is great in it.

  • The Outsider

    The Outsider


    In the first ten minutes of this Belmondo has a foot chase against traffic, runs across a freeway BOWFINGER-style, and jumps off a helicopter onto a speedboat. The man does not get enough credit for his stunt work, and if nothing else happened for the rest of the movie it would still be a minor triumph. Thankfully the duration is a pulpy, grime-coated hangout in the Marseilles red-light district while Belmondo changes leather jackets in almost every scene.

  • Parasite



    Lemons into lemonade.

  • The Secret Invasion

    The Secret Invasion


    A terrific war/caper hybrid with a stacked cast which includes both Mickey Rooney and the guy who played Trelane on Star Trek. Basically a no-budget GUNS OF NAVARONE knockoff.

  • Crawl



    87 minutes of blissfully unreconstructed exactly-what-it-says-on-the-box killer animal transmission. Every time someone makes a tourniquet for a fresh chomp, take a drink.

  • Gunman's Walk

    Gunman's Walk


    Characteristically clean work from Karlson, its indictment of privilege completely unpretentious, with an unheralded Tab Hunter performance. If you'll allow me to climb up my own ass for a second this would make a really interesting double feature with WHITE DOG, of all things.

  • C.C. and Company

    C.C. and Company


    Best Elvis movie he never made.

  • Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace


    I got nothing constructive to say about this, it's a great record and this is a great show.