Logan ★★★★★

"Logan" is a prime example of what the superhero genre is capable of if a movie dares to free itself from the restrictive constraints that usually come along with the genre. It's a grim, dark and hauntingly beautiful tale of a lone, beaten and broken wolf on a desperate mission with surprisingly (and pleasantly) downscaled odds. This time, Logan isn't out to save all of humanity, but rather gets one (final?) chance to retrieve his own. With superb performances by Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and newcomer Dafne Keen, some brutal, bloody and gory action sequences that finally make use of the concept of "claws in action", a straightforward but effective story, some great dialogue, and a couple of truly moving scenes, "Logan" isn't just the best movie of the "X-Men"-franchise so far, but rather one of the best superhero movies, period. One can only hope that Logan's financial success will match his creative one, and that audiences will embrace this unusual, R-rated foray into the genre just as enthusiastically as they did "Deadpool" - thus encouraging other studios to take similar risks with their intellectual (superhero/comic book) properties.