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  • Her Smell

    Her Smell


    Her Smell is a spellbinding nightmare of a film. It’s a scent that crawls right into the olfactory and burns it’s way through the rest of your senses. It leaves a stain on everything you came in with and gets even more pungent with time. Nothing will prepare you for the experience. Alex Ross Perry holds you by the throat for nearly the entire 2 hour and 15 minute runtime and just when you think you can breath you’re pulled…

  • Lords of Chaos

    Lords of Chaos


    Welcome to a biopic straight out of HELL that covers the brutal moments of the birth of Norwegian Black Metal. First, the controversy as all biopics, this film whole black heartedly dramatizes the really gut wrenching aspects of the history rather than informing you about the true origin. Considering most will have no black metal knowledge or specifically Norwegian Black Metal going in, the viscous imagery and story telling will be sure to please. Luckily, the film does its best…

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  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die


    I won’t be the guy who says “mileage may vary”, but the entirety of this films use of humor is bone dry. It feels like the worst episode of The Office at most times so even then there’s some enjoyment. There’s also really no plot and no reason for this film to exist but I’d like to think Jim Jarmusch knows that and it all turns out to be a successful strength. The cast is fantastic and they all seem…

  • Grand Illusion

    Grand Illusion


    To be killed in a war is a tradgedy for a commoner. For you and me, it’s a good way out.

        Certainly a masterpiece for if not what it’s done for films like The Great Escape & Casablanca and the film industry as a whole with the way the camera effortlessly glides throughout then for the journey the film has made to this day and how it still resonates with people. Some time before it was fully restored to its theatrical…

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  • Dark Phoenix

    Dark Phoenix

    Let’s get right to it. Fox closed the franchise on the worst kind of bad. They hired Simon Kinberg to direct, write, and produce a safe final entry that feels so weightless in all aspects. For those unaware this is Kinbergs second crack at the Dark Pheonix comic book to big screen adaptation as he helped write X-Men: The Last Stand. Unfortunately, this one doesn’t take enough risks all around to even warrant the negative attention or criticism. It just…

  • Godzilla



    Blockbuster cinema at its finest. 5 years later and still aged pretty well. The moment of silence before our monster graces the screen is still one of my favorites. So silent and placed so perfectly you can feel the excitement and hear the heartbeats around you. Very fine performances overall and one that most of us wish it would’ve lasted a bit longer.