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  • Xala
  • Badou Boy
  • And Now My Love
  • Apache Drums
  • Anna
  • Double Indemnity
  • Sunset Boulevard
  • The Lady from Shanghai
  • The Big Sleep
  • The Big Heat

Favourite Noirs

32 films

Roughly ranked list of my favourite film noirs. Not too many surprises but a great group of films. "Film Noir"…

  • Citizen Kane
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer
  • Fateful Findings
  • Pass Thru
  • Twisted Pair
  • The New World
  • The Tree of Life
  • The Thin Red Line
  • To the Wonder
  • Badlands

Terrence Malick - Ranked

8 films

I like Malick he is good. Rankings are dumb but fun.


  • Ugetsu
  • Maurice
  • The Journey of Natty Gann
  • No Highway in the Sky
  • Alphaville

¸.•*¨*✧*♡CLUB FRIENDSHIP♡*✧*¨*•.¸ (definitely not a cult) The second phase. (ON HIATUS...SUMMER BREAK!!!!!!!!!!)

61 films

The comment section on the old list was becoming quite unwieldy (sorry we probably kept breaking letterboxd) so I figured…

  • Blow Out
  • Phantom of the Paradise
  • Carrie
  • Dressed to Kill
  • Femme Fatale
  • Man on Fire
  • True Romance
  • Crimson Tide
  • The Last Boy Scout
  • Top Gun

Tony Scott - Ranked

16 films


Not every Tony Scott movie is great, but every Tony Scott movie has greatness inside it.…

  • Love and Death
  • What's Opera, Doc?
  • Donald's Snow Fight
  • One Week
  • All That Heaven Allows

Short N' Sweet

43 films

Lot of lists on here for "Great films under 90 mins" and what have you. I figured I'd throw my…

  • Dying to Be Loved
  • Deadly Sorority
  • Tiny House of Terror
  • Love Among Thieves
  • My Stepdaughter


30 films

Tracking Lifetime (and other channels) trash I've seen since 2016.

  • The Long Goodbye
  • 3 Women
  • Short Cuts
  • The Player
  • Popeye
  • The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  • Johnny Guitar
  • Rio Bravo
  • The Searchers
  • One-Eyed Jacks

Favourite Westerns

31 films

If there is dirt, violence, or someone wearing a cowboy hat it's probably eligible. Not one of my most beloved…

  • Windtalkers
  • Dying of the Light

Movies where Nicolas Cage has a mangled ear.

2 films

Movies where Nicolas Cage has a mangled ear.