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  • Parasite



    I dug this little movie. The way Charlie Band and friends handled the budget was admirable. That guy really knows how to stretch a dollar. The effects were cool and some camera trickery enhanced them. I liked the cast too. Some familiar faces kept me interested. The narrative was fine, perhaps a little too Sci-fi for my blood. Overall it's a decent time waster.

    Cropsy’s 22 Shots of Moodz and Horror 31 Days of Horror Challenge 2018!

    Criteria :
    ✅ Creature Feature
    ✅ 1982
    ✅ FTW

  • Hell Fest

    Hell Fest


    Things I Learned from Hell Fest.

    - Jack in the boxes and their jingles are 100% pure evil.

    - The easiest way to get a girl/boy to kiss you is by the use of a photo booth.

    - Stealing stuffed animals will result in death.

    - Wearing a hoodie diminishes the spookiness of any killer.

    - Going through hell to evade a killer probably isn't the best idea.

    I enjoyed this slasher. It was basic and formulaic, which I like.…

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  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    If you say this film doesn't make your skin crawl, you're a fucking liar.

    Top 3 slasher film without a doubt. It'll forever remain fresh every single time I watch it. Incredibly bleak, slow but never boring, and truly terrifying moments. With each viewing, different moments chill my bones.

  • Terrifier




    It's gory as hell, chill inducing, and fucking creative. Art the Clown is becoming quite an iconic character and this film puts a stamp on it. The characters are great. The hot blonde from Return to Nuke'em High is in this and she is wonderful. The body count is massive. The kills are amazing and inventive. The score rips off Halloween, but it suits the film really well. There is not a dull moment throughout the…