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  • Badlands



    I would not change a thing about this film.

  • Cannibal Cult

    Cannibal Cult


    Splattery power tool gore, gel lights, doomy synths and an incredibly scant running time = perfect SOV horror film. Show me where I can download that drippy title font please.

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  • Manhattan Baby

    Manhattan Baby


    Of all the Fulci films I've seen, this is perhaps his most brazenly self-referential. We get eye gore, animal attacks, gateways to hell, Giovanni Frezza (I had no idea he was in this and physically recoiled when he appeared on screen) - he even goes as far as to recycle segments of Frizzi's iconic score from The Beyond. It also borrows pretty liberally from Rosemary's Baby and The Exorcist and somehow manages to bear a striking resemblance to Poltergeist in…

  • Wendigo



    This seems to receive very patchy reviews but I got a lot out of it. A stark, eerie piece of rural horror with a bubbling undercurrent of violence, I can see why Wendigo perhaps wouldn't have resonated much with audiences back in 2001 but with the revival of moody arthouse horror flicks like The Witch and Under The Skin it feels more relevant than ever.

    Not to say that Wendigo is a high-brow film (whatever that means); a few of…