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  • Too Late for Tears

    Too Late for Tears


    Man, when a bag of ill-gotten money literally drops in her car, Lizabeth Scott is all in on being corrupted by it. Gollum ain't got nothing on her. One of the worst movie posters for a good movie I've ever seen.

  • Pretty Poison

    Pretty Poison


    Damn, I was rooting for these two as a couple. Anthony Perkins is great as a delusional, just-released mental patient who has a penchant for articulating highly detailed lies about himself and his life. It's a shame he didn't really work for the CIA, he'd be a helluva agent, really capable of thinking on his toes. Unfortunately for him he crushes hard for 25-year old high school cheerleader Tuesday Weld, who makes an unexpected femme fatale turn by the final…

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