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  • Dracula 2000

    Dracula 2000

    This movie had a cool right at the very end.

  • Highlander: Endgame

    Highlander: Endgame

    I’m trying to remember another instance where a film franchise creates a television spinoff with a new actor playing a new lead, and then eventually the movie franchise and the TV series merge into a feature film where they interact. 

    If this is the only one, then I guess that is this movie’s claim to fame. It’s not very good, and they picked the wrong Highlander to survive (though I understand why for longevity reasons), but at least this movie has the distinction of being the first one to do something like that.

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  • Pontypool



    It’s rare that you can think of an effective use of nonsense to make a point. Some satire is nonsensical to point out absurdity. Lewis Carroll was an aficionado of nonsense. But I’ve never seen nonsense weaponized in such a smart and prescient way as it is in Pontypool. 

    Ostensibly a story about a shock jock DJ dealing with an unusual zombie outbreak, the movie has MUCH more on its mind than that. It predicted fake news, it illustrated crowdthink,…

  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road

    If this were just a fantastic action movie (likely one of the greatest action movies in the history of the genre), that would be enough to garner it a place in history. However, this movie is so much more than that.

    Every frame of this film is pushing a story forward. The movie uses an economy of storytelling that allows action moments to double as revelations about character and plot, reflections on the history and culture of the world, and…