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  • The Funhouse

    The Funhouse


    Rewatching this after some long time: an amazing film. Hooper`s Summa of his early years experiments + the clear display of formal minnellian framing mastery on new layers of complexity bout True Horror and Representation scratching, eroding the boundaries of Teen Horror, Family and Childhood imploding perspectives... it `s pretty easy to imagine how impressed Spielberg was by it (even being a relative commercial failure) and why he called TH for his project (btw, should watch again, but sounds to…

  • Been Busy

    Been Busy


    "Been Busy" or The Evolution of the Dog.

    First impressions (need rewatch)
    I have reservations bout one scene here -yes, I m such a grump!- but this one is a very good pic.
    The director does most of the difficult things right.
    Unlike fictional stuff that plays round a set of rules, to force or conform, we have a sort of half ploted Monster chasing his Form while reinventing the rules on the move.
    A net of detail, moments, journeys…

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  • The Strangler

    The Strangler


    Oh nuit
    Cache ma peine
    Elle est de n’être rien
    Et de vivre

    This one is the most "generic" invention of Vecchiali, a film with too many fathers (Hitch, Fleischer, the "Giallo", Clouzot/Chabrol) and without sons.

    If the "giallo" appears as the framework from the very beginning, the easy solution for the public and the killer soon falls apart: the killer losing his will, the cop his reason, the plot his consistency, while the victims doubt between life or destiny,…

  • The Redneck Against the Devil

    The Redneck Against the Devil


    First Impressions (need a rewatch)
    There's always some idea/angle at play behind every scene.
    It never underestimates his public.
    I was watching a couple of days ago an independent feature ("Been busy"), half in the doc arena, that felt half as an horror film. Here I got an horror/slasher film that plays as a half document/re-presentation of the state of things in the Lands of the Forgotten People.

    Ofc is a picture made by people with ideas and convictions, and…