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  • The Lure

    The Lure


    shape of water WHOMST???

    also why was everyone in this universe so incredibly chill about the fact that mermaids exist

  • Macabre



    an interesting story setup that was explored as little as possible in favour of spilling as much blood as possible. apart from the mother, daughter and the final girl the characters were forgettable and the acting ws questionable at times but there are a handful of well done moments nonetheless.

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  • Jigsaw



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    when logan ~died~ my gf softly said "oh no .....he was so valid" and it was cuter than a reaction to a saw movie had any right to be. we stan and if the newest saw doesnt keep these characters ill riot

  • Antisocial



    durr hburr technology is bad fire is scary and mark zuckerberg was a witch