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  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I loved the acting of all the three leading women. That was a deep, hurting but still funny (at times) character study.
    It lacks the deep impact of earlier films by Yorgos Lanthimos like „Dogtooth“ or „The Lobster“ but it‘s still a good film. In terms of structure, themes, plot and even the music it borrows a lot from Kubrick‘s „Barry Lyndon“ but it‘s much faster, funnier and just more entertaining than Kubrick‘s too technical study of lenses.
    So I liked it even though I expected a bit more from this director.

  • Dave Made a Maze

    Dave Made a Maze


    When I saw the trailer I was immediately amazed by the boldness of the idea. 
    The production design is hilarious and some scenes are just brilliant...
    But... in the end all they had was ONE great idea, and that‘s all. I love the sets and the puppets but the characters are very flat and the whole story could have been told perfectly in a ten minute shortfilm.
    There are some good lauggs and the actors are okay but after kike 60 minutes I started to fall asleep. I really wanted to love that.

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  • Shazam!



    Now that is finally a superhero movie that I can relate to. Funny, exactly as ironic, corny and pulpy as all those other spandex movies should be. I got a great "Kick Ass" / "Spiderman" (Raimi version) vibe from it. I loved it.

  • Mean Creek

    Mean Creek


    You know from the beginning what is going to happen. But watching it happen is just thrilling, well acted, sad, believable and truthful. Good film.